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Tickets for Spamalot will go on sale 3/15/18  

Thank you to everyone who auditioned/interviewed for Cast and Crew of Spamalot!  We had a great turnout and I was thrilled at the level of preparation and follow through that I observed.  It is always hard casting a show.  Many hours go into it.  More than you can even imagine.  I’m very excited to get to begin the rehearsal process but I understand that some feelings may be hurt.  For that I am sorry.  I wanted to take a moment to let you know that in many instances when I was vacillating between one or more possible contenders for a role I had to search out more than just what the score cards said.  Things like backstage temperament, dependability, promptness, kindness towards others, ability to take criticism, preparedness all came into play.  I sought out opinions of Anita Claud and Anna Klevit as well as my own experience with directing this group of students.  I knew I had to make cuts this show and that is so hard. I don’t want to lose any of you.  If you didn’t get the part you were hoping for I encourage you to keep working.  Master your craft.  Take voice lessons, dance lessons, acting lessons.  Come back next year stronger.  You may have done a fine audition, much improved for some of you, and I did notice.  For those of you who did make the show understand that the person you are OFF the stage is just as important.  In some instances it will be the deciding factor for future castings.  Every casting decision is not based solely on what YOU did but where your puzzle piece goes that makes up the cast as a whole.  After you have given it some thought and decided if you are going to commit to this show I need you to email me at with your acceptance or decline of the role you have been given.  Please rsvp to me no later than Wednesday, Dec 20th by noon.

A few business items:

  1. Laker Girls you are responsible for getting your own black tap shoes, tan character shoes and we will let you know which tights and leotard that must be worn during the whole show under your Laker Girl costume for quick changes.
  2. Scripts will be available this week to pick up.  Please start familiarizing yourself with the songs and any lines you may have.  A remind101 will go out about when/where to pick up scripts.
  3. The First Day of Rehearsal is Monday, January 8th from 3:00-7:00 in the Triton Center for our TABLE READ.  ALL CAST AND CREW ARE REQUIRED TO ATTEND.
  4. Rehearsal schedule will be handed out at table read.

Congratulations to all who made it!  I look forward to a fun 4 months of Spamalot!

All my best,

Laurie Mason