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San Clemente High School DRAMA Awards

2017/8 AWARDS


Little Shop Of Horrors

Bright Spot: Lainey Reyland, Maggie Anderson, Viviana Moiso

Achievement: Emma Dawson, Emma Rhoades, Carlie McCleary

Outstanding Achievement: Braxton McGrath, Justin McCoy, Zach Thomas, Collin Meyer


Bright Spot: Avery Hazeleur, Brie Simard, Jazzy Clark, Karina Repaire, Pallab Banik

Special Recognition: Cole Conklin, Emma Dawson, Maggie Anderson

Achievement: Austin Arnwine, Joshua Velasco

Outstanding Achievement: Emily Colson, Zach Thomas, Lorenzo Marino

Highest Achievement: Braxton McGrath, Carlie McCleary, Justin McCoy, Lainey Reyland, Will Brown

Scholarship Winners: Ashely Seng and Collin Meyer

Best Actor Nominee: Will Brown

Best Actress Nominee: Carlie McCleary

The Spirit of the Macy: Laurie Mason – SCHS Spamalot


Featured Actress: Carlie McCleary

Featured Actor: Justin McCoy

Comedienne: Karina Repaire

Comedian: Will Brown – Winner

Comedian: Braxton McGrath

Dancer – Female: Jazzy Clark

Student Stage Manager: Sam Davis

Ensemble of the Year: Spamalot – Laurie Mason – Winner

Choregraphy: Ray Limon

Crew/Techinical: Spamalot Laurie Mason

Sets: Malcom Morrison

Lighting: Addy Awtry

Audio/Sound: Collin Meyer & Lorenzo Marino

Director of the year: Laurie Mason

Comedy Musical of the year: Spamalot Laurie Mason

Griff Duncan Scholarship: Colin Meyer

Broadway Alliance Scholarship; Carlie McCleary

2016/7 Awards

Orange County Register’s Varsity Arts – ARTISTS of the YEAR AWARDS

Nominees and Winners – 4 nominees/1 winner

Cassidy McCleary – Vocal Arts
Tamara Armstrong – Theater
Sophia Didier – Theater
Cassidy McCleary – Theater – WINNER TOP 10 Varsity Artist of the YEAR

Nominees and Winner – 9 Nominees/2 winners

Carlie McCleary – Supporting Actress of the Year – Jane Banks, Mary Poppins

Natalie Zanzonico – Comedienne of the Year – Miss Lark, Mary Poppins

Sophia Didier – Soloist of the Year – Miss Andrew, Mary Poppins – WINNER

Zach Thomas – Soloist of the Year – George Banks, Mary Poppins

Laurie Mason, director/choreographer – Ensemble of the Year – Mary Poppins

Laurie Mason/Micah Nameroff – Choreography – Mary Poppins

Director of the Year – Laurie Mason – Mary Poppins

San Clemente High, Laurie Mason- Musical of the Year -Mary Poppins

Cassidy McCleary – Griff Duncan JRAY Scholarship Award – WINNER

Nominees and Winner – 8 nominations and 2 winners

San Clemente, “Mary Poppins,” Cassidy McCleary as “Mary Poppins” – Best Actress in a Musical

San Clemente, “Mary Poppins,” Sophia Didier as Miss Andrew – Featured Actress in a musical

San Clemente, “The Curious Savage,” Cassidy McCleary for directing -Creativity – WINNER

San Clemente, “The Curious Savage,” Delaney Marchant as Mrs. Savage – Best Actress in a Play

San Clemente, “The Curious Savage,” Annie Reyland as Fairy – Best Comedic Actress in a Play

San Clemente, “The Curious Savage,” Tamara Armstrong as Mrs. Paddy – Best Featured Actress in a Play – WINNER

San Clemente, “The Curious Savage,” the Cloisters – Best Ensemble in a Play

San Clemente, Cassidy McCleary – Best Senior CAPPIES Critic


San Clemente High School, San Clemente, “Into the Woods”

HIGHEST ACHIEVEMENT, Cassidy McCleary, Sophia Didier, Tamara Armstrong

OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT, Delaney Marchant, William Brown

ACHIEVEMENT, Carlie McCleary, James Ustick, Justin McCoy


BRIGHT SPOT, Braxton McGrath, Lainey Reyland, Lucas Harper

San Clemente High School, San Clemente, “Mary Poppins”

THE SPIRIT OF THE MACY (show award), Laurie Mason

HIGHEST ACHIEVEMENT, Cassidy McCleary, Delaney Marchant, Jack Katke, Tamara Armstrong

HIGHEST ACHIEVEMENT (technical theater), Shea Donnelly

OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT, Carlie McCleary, Lainey Reyland, Maggie Anderson, Zach Thomas

OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT (technical theater), Maya Howie

ACHIEVEMENT, Justin McCoy, Kyra Kuhn, Sophia Didier

ACHIEVEMENT (technical theater), Annie Reyland

SPECIAL RECOGNITION, Brooke Davis, Lucas Harper

BRIGHT SPOT, Erin Reyland, James Ustick III, Taylor Mason, Viviana Moiso

BEST ACTRESS of the YEAR FINALIST – Cassidy McCleary

BEST VOCALIST of the YEAR Nominee – Cassidy McCleary

Rachel Reese
Cassidy McCleary


Award Winners:
Outstanding Production: Mary Poppins

Lead Actor in a Musical: Jack Katke as Bert in Mary Poppins

Lead Actress in a Musical: Cassidy McCleary as Mary Poppins in Mary Poppins

Lead Actress in a Play: Delaney Marchant as Mrs. Savage in The Curious Savage

Supporting Actress in a Musical: Tamara Armstrong as Winifred Banks in Mary Poppins

Supporting Actress in a Musical: Carlie McCleary as Jane Banks in Mary Poppins

Featured Actress in a Musical: Sophia Didier as Miss Andrew in Mary Poppins

Featured Actress in a Musical: Kyra Kuhn as Mrs. Corry in Mary Poppins

Set Design: Linda Fry for Mary Poppins

Direction: Laurie Mason for Mary Poppins

NYA Nominations:
Lead Actor in a Musical: William Brown as Baker in Into the Woods

Lead Actress in a Musical: Cassidy McCleary as Cinderella in Into the Woods

Lead Actress in a Musical: Tamara Armstrong as Baker’s Wife in Into the Woods

Supporting Actor in a Musical: Zach Thomas as George Banks in Mary Poppins

Supporting Actress in a Musical: Maggie Anderson as Michael Banks in Mary Poppins

Supporting Actress in a Musical: Sophia Didier as Witch in Into the Woods

Supporting Actress in a Play: Annie Reyland as Fairy in The Curious Savage

Featured Actress in a Musical: Delaney Marchant as Miss Brill in Mary Poppins

Ensemble: Mary Poppins

2016 MACY AWARD WINNERS: The Addams Family directed by Daniel Ingram

BEST STUDENT MAKEUP – Sabrina Swarthout & Julia Becker
ENSEMBLE OF THE YEAR – The Addams Family directed by Daniel Ingram
SPIRIT OF THE MACY – The Addams Family directed by Daniel Ingram

2016 MACY AWARD WINNERS: The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee directed by Daniel Ingram

2016 JRAY Nominees and Winners for The Addams Family

Comedian of the Year
Featured Actress of the Year

Actress of the Year in a Lead Role
Actor of the Year in a Lead Role
Supporting Actress of the Year
Comedienne of the Year
Cameo – Male of the Year
Ensemble of the Year
Best Choreography of the Year
Best Sets of the Year
Musical of the Year

Garrett Claud (WINNER)
Carlie McCleary (WINNER)

Sophia Didier (Nomination)
Daniel Klevit (Nomination)
Tamara Armstrong (Nomination)
Cassidy McCleary (Nomination)
Luke Giannelli (Nomination)
The Addams Family (Nomination)
The Addams Family choreographed by Laurie Mason (Nomination)
The Addams Family designed by Daniel Ingram (Nomination)
The Addams Family directed by Daniel Ingram (Nomination)

2015 MACY AWARD WINNERS: BYE BYE BIRDIE – Director, Daniel Ingram


2013 MACY Award Winners – Grease – Jeannine Marquee, Director

2012 MACY Award Winners – The Music Man – David Czarnecki, Director

2011 MACY Award Winners – Fiddler on the Roof – Desiree Kruszewski, Director

Bright Spot Award (Ensemble): Paris Hull Jonathan Jackson Taylor Mason Ashlyn Rose Jenna Sekutera Ryley Steel

Achievement Award (Acting):William Brown

Achievement Award (Technical): Gabriella Chadsey Baily Donlin Sophia George Rachel Reese Max Rivera-Patton

Outstanding Achievement Award (Acting): Tamara Armstrong Carlie McCleary

Outstanding Achievement Award (Technical): Abigail Ambach Jordan Jackson Griffin O’Connor

Highest Achievement Award (Acting):Garrett Claud Sophia Didier Daniel Klevit Delaney Marchant Cassidy McCleary

Highest Achievement Award (Technical): Grisham Peck

Bright Spot Award: Ashlyn Rose Delaney Marchant

Achievement Award:Brionne Kirkwood Luke Giannelli

Outstanding Achievement Award (Acting)Jonathan Jackson Annie Combs Tamara Armstrong Zach Thomas Daniel Klevit Garrett Claud

Outstanding Achievement Award (Technical) Collin Meyer

Highest Achievement Award Cassidy McCleary

Highest Achievement Award (Technical) Shea Donnelly

Bright Spot Award: Annie Combs Daniel Klevit Delaney Marchant

Special Recognition Award: Korina Camel Matt McCoy Jenna Sekutera

Achievement Award: Jonathan Crawford Dani Pribyl Kaylin Waizinger

Outstanding Achievement Award (Acting) Parsa Alihemati Paris Hull Evan Harris Alexandra Schultz

Outstanding Achievement Award (Technical) Lauren Bonigut Emmanuel Hamidi Tyler Howrey Cassandra Powell Sophia Romero

Highest Achievement Award Colin Horan MACY’s Scholarship Danielle Pribyl Alexandra Schultz

Nominated for Best Comedian: Collin Horan

Theatrical Excellence Award Performance of the Day Award

Bright Spot Award: Cookie Greenberg Geoffrey Osuna Nicki Vleisides Ryan Waltman

Special Recognition Award: Daniel Klevit Collin Horan

Achievement Award:Dani Pribyl Paris Hull Sophia Racke John Breault

Outstanding Achievement Awards: Gillian Perry Jeremiah True

Highest Achievement Awards: Billy Perez Lauren Bell Sam Brown Mason Burt

MACY’s Scholarship: Sydney Sroka

Nominated for Best Comedian: Mason Burt

Nominated Best Actor Award: Billy Perez

Outstanding Achievement Award Mason Burt Kendall Reynolds Rob Racke

Bright Spot Award Alexandra Kookootsedes Denton Burt Draco Tudor Jenna Sekutera Julia Lacayo Cookie Greenberg Derek Cousineau

Special Recognition Award Alyssa Curtis Nicole Finlay Paris Hull Sam Brown Ryan Steel Billy Perez Nicki Vleisides

Achievement Awards Chandler Hull Daniel Klevit Gabby Meyer Leah Blanks Katherine Morales Ryan Gibby Megan Cappo

The Classic Masterpiece Award Bright Spot Carly Van Camp Ryan Steel Campbell George

Special Recognition Gabby Meyer Bill Richards Jasmine Asadi Alexa Greenberg Emily Czaja Nicki Vleisides Julia Yeam

Achievement: Carl Jones Alyssa Curtis Kevin Stanley

Outstanding Achievement Josiah Devin Gillian Perry Meghan Cappon Denton Burt Mason Burt Sam Brown Hayden Kerzie

Highest Achievement: Nathan Corbett Julia Flynn Kevin Ivie

Best Supporting Actor: Kevin Ivie

Coup de Theatre Award Bright Spot Carl Jones Alyssa Curtis

Special Recognition Bobby Scruggs Laura Beth St. Clair Meghan Cappon Sean Butler Mason Burt Chandler Hull Bill Richards Cristian Smith Kevin Stanley Ray Warner

Achievement Lauren Scudder Cassidy Burns Scott Pennington Max Morris

Outstanding Achievement Nathan Corbett Kayla Stephens

Highest Achievement Collin Conway Mitchell McDuff

Best Supporting Actor: Mitchell McDuff

New York Finalist, National High School Musical Theatre Awards: Collin Conway